8 Zoos Online A new dimension of wildlife viewing from all over the world

8 Zoos Online A new dimension of wildlife viewing from all over the world

Who likes to go to zoos?  ireceiptz recommends Zoo Online. Although zoos and aquariums around the world have had to stop serving due to the COVID-19outbreak.  However, the zoo’s little animals and the aquarium can also entertain animal lovers by inviting everyone to visit the animals online. It’s clear to you that every younger penkwin or a big elephant is a mistake!

1.Melbourne Zoo

Australia is known for its wide variety of wildlife, and the zoo is one of the most diverse places in the world. See the elegance plus cuteness of a snow leopard Giraffes, lions and zebras at Melbourne Zoo on their webcams.

Melbourne Zoo hippo

2.The Smithsonian National Zoo

Pamper insomniacs by live streaming the daily lives of cute animals. In the United States, via a 24-hour webcam,  the stars here are panda couple Tian Tian and Mei Xiang. Morale for people of all ages There are also elephants, lions and hairless rats with a peculiar appearance. The screen is viewable day and night.

3.International Wolf Centre

This is a chance to follow the wolf family life up close to the screen! We offer 24-hour live streaming to  the whole world to study the livelihoods of wolf packs like never before. Meet the hottest celebrities like Bolts,  Denaly,  Grayson and Ali.

4. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the world. There are a small number of animals larger than the 3,500  that live inside the zoo. The webcam is divided into a variety of animals such as Bolts, Denali, Grayson and Ali, complete the gang.

5.Monterey Bay Aquarium

Although the Monterey Aquarium in California has been temporarily closed lately, it still turns on the Aquarium’s live webcam for everyone to watch on screen from home around the world. For those who like to dive, there are underwater cameras to watch live straight from California.

6.Tembe Elephant Park

“Tembe” is the best elephant park in the world. It feeds elephants in natural areas together with other animals and is home to africa’s largest elephant. You can learn about the natural elephant lifestyle 24/7 on your webcam, watch elephants bathe and chill out with other animals on the edge of the screen like a real safari tour.

7.Georgia Aquarium

Invite everyone to explore the underwater world with the Georgia Aquarium through websites and webcams. Make sure you’re exclusive like you’ve never seen before, such as watching the playful cuteness of or watching fish and aquatic creatures in the zone swim. During detention.

8.Houston Zoo

Parents who are confined to children at home Invite your children to learn about the big animals up close. From small animals to big animals. The Houston Zoo is also available for viewing the entire family. In addition to enjoying the wildlife that children are interested in, such as the more special thing is to change the camera angle as you like, zoom anywhere, and choose snapshots to capture impressions.