Drinking water during the day

The benefits of water and drinking water the right way

Drinking water after do excercise.

Staying healthy In addition to exercising regularly, eat five groups or healthy foods. Drinking water is also important, especially water, because water is indispensable to the body. Therefore, drinking water that is sufficient for the body is always a good thing to do regularly.

Our article today will introduce everyone to the benefits of water and drinking water in the right way, which of course, drinking the wrong way can be a penalty for themselves. As for drinking water the right way and what are the benefits, it’s important to know what’s going on. Hairstyle db will show you to everyone if you’re ready.

Benefits of drinking water

People need water.

1. Helping to lose weight drinking water stimulates the metabolism of energy in the body. This makes it easier to lose weight. Drinking water also reduces appetite. This makes it possible to eat less, helping to saturate faster.  

2. Good for the brain and nervous system, since water is an important component of blood that nourishes the body and brain. Drinking enough water will help relieve stress. Reducing headaches is a relaxation and boost for the brain.  

3. Help keep skin healthy It is easy to wrinkle because the water keeps the cells floating on the water and improves blood flow in the body, as well as replenishing tissues, making the skin elastic. It looks smooth, watery and youthful.  

4. Stimulate the excretory system, drinking water stimulates the excretory system normally, it will be fluent because drinking water will help to excrete toxins and waste from the body. Make it healthy and not easily sick.  

5. Helps digestion Drinking enough water will make the gastrointestinal tract fully functional.  

6. Helps with metabolism, which is an important factor that normalizes the chemical reactions of metabolic processes and body fats.  

7. Reduce the risk of disease Drinking the right amount of water reduces the risk of developing diseases such as hypertension, bowel cancer and cystitis.   

Drinking water the right way

How to drink water the right way.

1. Drink normal temperature water It is not very hot or very cold, but except in some cases, such as in the morning, if possible, drink warm water as it will help to excrete it better.  

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day or 14 glasses a day, on average, drink enough water for your body weight, for example, if you weigh at least 60 kg, drink at least 2 liters of water per day or about 10 glasses (in this case, count other amounts such as juices from fruits and vegetables, curry, noodles).  

3. In the morning after waking up or before brushing your teeth, drink 2-4 glasses of water, and before bedtime you should drink 1 glass of warm water.  

4. During the day, drink 1 glass of water before and after meals, and during late afternoon evening, drink 1 glass of water again.  

5. Drinking water should be drinked at a time, and it is important not to drink several glasses at a time, as this will not be good for the body, which can cause “toxic water”.  

6. Do not drink too much water before eating, or if you are drinking, drink water for about half an hour or 45 minutes, and during eating do not drink water at all times as it will dilute the gastric juice. Make the subsythset not work well.  

7. After eating, do not drink water immediately as this will dilute the gastritis.  

8. Avoid drinking cold water and soft drinks because cold water draws heat on the body so that the water we drink is the same temperature as the body to absorb. This causes the body to waste time balancing and losing energy.  

9. For women with menstrual cramps During menstruation, drink cold water as drinking cold water will intensify the pain.

Drinking water is one of the main benefits of drinking water in order to make drinking water more efficient. Because health is ours. If we don’t take care of it, who cares?