9 Precautions Before Renovating Your Home

9 Precautions Before Renovating Your Home

Anyone who has the idea of renovating a room in the house to look better, more convenient, or changing from the old dilapidated condition to look new, as well as make it more useful to use. We have the following considerations to make. Visit website

1. Drill more windows, be careful of cracking the whole house.

Make more openings on the walls to receive wind exposure or anything, but keep the walls from smashing to the surrounding structures or walls. Set the area you want to make the window first, and let the technician extract it gradually. Don’t smash a bang. Because you’re going to ruin the whole house. And always smash from top to bottom. Even if it’s just a small window, it has to be smashed from above because it has to make ligament poles and ligament beams over the back as a frame for the opening. To gain weight on the wall above the opening. In addition, ligament poles help hold the frog in place. Prevent cracking in the corners of the window, followed later.

Drill more windows, be careful of cracking the whole house.

But if you’re going to drill a light channel on the ceiling, If it is a thatched roof, it can be replaced with transparent, translucent tiles, or the prefabricated skylight is better than an inventor’s, because it can leak. The D.C.A. cautioned that it should not be done because leakage problems are easy. Even with waterproofing, the joints of old and new concrete are forbidden to leak.

2. Bury the wiring pipes.

I want to have a neat house without full wires. But don’t forget that he usually does it alongside building a house. If you have to re-pipe the implant, you can do it. But it is strictly not bidden to penetrate through floor beams or structural pillars. Even if you say, “It’s only a little bit, just 1-2 inches is okay.” Please tell me that it is best to walk the pipes around the pillars or structural beams, but you may make a closed box for a beautiful order.

Bury the wiring pipes

3. Dismantle the old ceiling, beware of lung cancer.

If you are replacing damaged original ceilings, be aware of asbestos or “asbestos”, especially if they are old houses. The toxins that may cause this lung cancer will be in the material of the flat tile type. When dismantling, the window must be opened to ventilate, wear a mask to close the nose well, so that the child does not stay in the house. Actually, he doesn’t allow it himself. The new frosted sheets should also be asbestos-free.

4. Make a wall cabinet, watch out for it falling.

If it’s a plaster wall, The most important thing is to choose the right pug with the type of wall. Aerated Bricks If you choose badly, the weight of the cabinet (or bookshelf or anything you will hang on the wall) may fall off. But if it’s a light wall with a sparse wall inside, the only pug would be enough to hang a picture. If it is a cabinet, the walls must be dismantled to reinforce the interior.

5. Install a bathtub.

If it’s a downstairs bathroom, it’s fine, but if it’s upstairs, be warned not to do it yourself without consulting an engineer. The original structure may not be strong enough to carry the weight of the basin and the water in the basin. It’s a big whirlpool that can be used by many people. In addition to the bath tub, even tiles need to be careful. The original house may have been designed to support the weight of ordinary thin ceramic tiles. But if you switch to rock formations, Porcelain tiles are several times heavier. The structure may also be unbearable. It would be great to consult an engineer or architect.

6. Add to the backyard.

There are many laws that many houses violate. The first example is to make a wall with openings less than 2 meters from the attached zone. Even without a window, it still has to retreat at least 50 centimeters. It’s best to talk to your neighbors first. If you’re really going to close to the land zone, you’re going to have to put your hands together to make a deal in the district. “Make a joint wall” is joint ownership.

7. Make a partition Watch out for the house collapse.

To build additional walls on the floor, be aware of the collapsed floor because it adds weight to the original structure (engineers may calculate some weight, but it is dangerous because there is no case if heavy storage can collapse). If you really want to divide the room, use light walls like wooden frame. Gypsum steel or other wall panels instead of plaster masonry, which is very heavy.

8. Play floor level with pouring mortar, beware of broken houses, too.

Floor-level play makes the house look attractive. However, do not make the floor higher by pouring the mortar, even if it is only 10-15 centimeters, because 1 cubic meter of mortar weighs more than 2 tons. It is better to cover the floor again because it is much lighter.

9. Hang artwork, watch out for cracked walls.

The plaster walls will crack if you nail them down. A single nail can cause the plaster to start cracking and cracking non-stop. It is recommended to drill gradually and then attach the push to the appropriate size for the leather water of the item to hang, or if it is a light hanging, use a double-sided tape hook or pin-plate hook.