What types of work are available?

Permanent or contract work
Graduates who have an unusual language or a combination of language and technical skills are always in demand. However, even if you have the right qualifications, it's not easy to apply directly for a graduate job abroad. You need to be aware of differences in recruitment practices, workstyles and lifestyles. Make sure that you understand the application process of your targeted country. Speculative applications are often an important recruitment route. Check out the section How can I apply for jobs that are not advertised? to find out about ways of making possible work contacts.

Some graduate recruiters offer the chance to work abroad either by seconding them overseas or through business travel, but those opportunities will normally only be offered to experienced employees.

Casual or temporary work
If you are planning to take time out to travel abroad and work as you go, there are lots of possibilities. These include teaching English as a foreign language, office work, hotel and hospitality work, telesales, childcare and casual agricultural work. Take every opportunity to develop new skills that will add to your CV on your return. Skills like self-reliance, communication, intercultural awareness and fluency in a foreign language may well be relevant to your future career. For more on this have a look at the sections on What skills do you have? and What makes a good CV?

Voluntary work
Voluntary work can be a superb way to gain valuable experience and at the same time give something back to the community - whether through teaching, building water and drainage systems or sifting archaeological remains. If you want to research opportunities, the National Centre for Volunteering website (http://www.volunteering.org.uk/) has a good listing of international volunteer organisations.

If you decide on a volunteering route, do run a check on the sponsoring organisation and make sure that you are wholly satisfied about the arrangements - in particular:

If possible, talk to someone who has already volunteered with this organisation to find out what it is really like.