This section deals solely with working abroad and sources of information.

Every year lots of graduates take the plunge and work internationally. Finding a job in another country is time consuming and you will need determination to succeed. This section gives you some practical advice on looking for international work and directs you to some useful sources of information.

Working abroad: the benefits and the risks

What are the benefits of working internationally?

Are there any risks?

Translating a vague wish into an international job can be difficult but there's a lot you can do to improve your chances. Decide what country you want to work in and focus your energies on that market. Check that you have the qualifications, skills, work experience and languages you will need. Find out about any visa or work permit requirements in that country. The Prospects website is a good starting point.

Does working abroad fit into your career planning? If you don't have a plan, go to Develop a plan of action.