Vacancy Sources

Paper Resources

  • Newspapers will generally be found in public libraries and the major professional journals and trade magazines are likely to be held in commercial libraries. The Paperboy web site lists newspapers.  National newspapers contain different types of vacancies on different days. Remember that competition is likely to be fiercer for a job advertised in a national newspaper than for one advertised in a Careers Service publication.
  • Gradireland Official Careers Directory is aimed at final year students and is available from your Careers Service.  It advertises graduate jobs in Ireland and also contains careers information and information about postgraduate study
  • Specialist journals and magazines may be published by the relevant professional institution or by commercial publishers and generally contain articles, which will give you an idea of current issues in the profession or sector and new products or ideas. In some professions, these journals will be the principal place to find advertisements. See Information Resources at the end of this section to find listings of specialist journals and magazines.
  • Prospects Today This list is produced weekly and contains immediate vacancies for new and recent graduates and is available by postal subscription or on the Prospects web.
  • Prospects Finalist This list is produced during university terms, containing jobs with major graduate recruiters to begin in the autumn. The jobs are open equally to graduates and finalists and the list is available by subscription or on the Prospects web
  • Graduate recruitment annual directories eg Prospects Directory, GTI Guides (Target Law, Target Science).  These are available from higher education Careers Services.

Web Resources

  • the official higher education careers website in Ireland.  You can use this site to search for current vacancies as well as annual vacancies with major graduate recruiters
  • predominantly covers UK vacancies but there is a search facility for jobs in Ireland
  • Graduate careers websites such as include a vacancy section.  Vacancies predominantly in the UK
  • employer websites - employers are increasingly using their own websites as the principle source of notification about their graduate vacancies.  Check out the employer links on your own Careers Service Website. Many companies no longer publish recruitment brochures and handle applications on line instead.  See Completing an application form? for more details.  
  • recruitment sites such as,, and  Many sites ask you to register and will then send you direct notifications of relevant vacancies.
  • specialist journals on line and on line bulletins from professional bodies

The Information resources section highlights further links and publications.