Hidden Job Market

Many vacancies are never advertised - perhaps 70% or more.  Some companies don't want to pay expensive advertising costs.  Others receive so many speculative applications that they don't need to advertise.  Smaller firms may prefer to recruit someone who has been recommended - ie through word of mouth.  

You can tap into this hidden jobs market by making speculative applications.  See How can I apply for jobs that are not advertised?

How can I identify employers to contact?

              Graduate recruitment annual directories eg Prospects Directory and  GTI Guides
              Professional Institution directories listing member firms (engineering, law, accountancy)
              IPA Yearbook
              Professional Directories eg PR, Media, performing)
              General directories giving products or services and turnover (eg Kompass, Kelly's)
              Who owns Whom?
              The Reuters website is searchable by organisation and sector, giving current press coverage

You will need to find information on employers at several stages in the job search process.  The information sources listed above will also be useful when