I want to develop my skills but don't want to do a postgraduate course

There are lots of ways to expand your skills even if you don't want to do a postgraduate course.  

  • Talk to your supervisor at work about changing some of your current responsibilities in order to develop new skills.  Have some suggestions ready.  You might also be able to apply for other openings in the company.
  • if you are currently in work and you plan to take a short course which is relevant to your job, your employer may support your studies by paying fees, offering study leave and financial incentives on completion.  
  • if you would prefer to develop new skills or strengthen existing ones outside of work, there are many short courses and training programmes available.  Most universities and institutes offer a range of  training programmes. They vary in length, and you can take them at night, weekends, by distance learning, and over the Internet. There are government sponsored programmes where the fees may depend on your employment status.

  • Check with your nearest university Careers Service to find out about any specific training / work experience programmes that might be available for recent graduates in the area.

  • Contact FAS (Ireland) or Job Centres (Northern Ireland) for any government initiatives such as New Deal in the UK.

  • TCS (Teaching Company Scheme) offers graduates the chance to work within a company and study for a Masters degree at the same time.

Considering a short course?

If you are considering a course that will enhance your current career, check with your relevant professional institution.  If you are considering study or training as a way of moving on from your present job or career, you should also look at the sections I'm thinking about changing my job and I'm thinking about changing career direction altogether