What stage are you at?

Many students graduate not knowing what they're going to do next.  Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

Whatever your starting point, this section can help you to 

  •  gather information about yourself
  •  find out about possible career options
  •  evaluate different options taking into account your skills, experience, values and motivations
  •  consider the implications of different options along with constraints
  •  make a decision and formulate a plan to implement your ideas - both long term and short term

By taking the time and effort to complete the exercises on this website, you will become familiar with the career management skills needed for lifelong career planning.  Career choice is no longer a one off event.  In the 21st Century you can expect to change careers several times.  By developing your self assessment skills, occupational research skills and job search skills you will be in a  better position to cope with these changes. 

Remember, the more you put into this site, the more you'll get out of it.  You need to spend around 30 minutes working logically and thoroughly through this section.

Download or print the Career options grid to record your progress as you go along.