When you apply for a job, some companies will send you a Personnel Specification - outlining the essential and desirable characteristics that they are looking for in their ideal candidate.  You must make sure that you have evidence to show that you can meet all the criteria - and make this clear on your application form/CV.  If you don't receive a Personnel Specification you can create one yourself.  Make sure you do your research so that you know what qualifications, skills and attributes are likely to be required for the post.  

Example of Graduate Marketing Trainee post in retailing industry

  Essential Desirable Evidence?
Good degree Yes   CV
Marketing postgraduate   Yes CV
Relevant aspects in first degree eg dissertation     CV
Direct marketing experience   Yes CV
Working with customers whether face to face or by telephone Yes   CV / Reference
Retailing experience   Yes CV / Reference
Verbal communication Yes   CV / Presentation
Numeracy Yes   Aptitude Test
Teamwork Yes   CV / Group exercise
Enthusiasm for fast-moving industry Yes   covering letter / Interview
Willingness to get involved in every aspect of the work Yes   CV / Interview
Good personal presentation Yes   Interview
  • Remember that you will need to give evidence to prove your claims
  • Is there anything else that you know is normally required or desired for this type of work?
  • What about expectation of knowledge / experience of the employment sector?
  • Are there any 'skills' questions on the application form, which would indicate the employer's requirements?


Now create your own personnel specification.

CV/Application form, Covering letter, Interview, Second interview, Presentation, Aptitude test, Group exercise, Reference

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