Try contacting the following groups of people for help with your career planning and development.

  • Your Careers Service 
    You still have access to careers information and/or guidance after graduation from your own Careers Service or a Careers Service near your home. The Prospects web site gives full details of facilities offered to graduates by all higher education institutions in the UK and EIRE.
    Dublin Institute of Technology  University of Limerick  Trinity College Dublin  University of Ulster

  • Alumni
    Graduates from your university or college may be willing to discuss their own careers or offer work experience - check whether there is a formal network.
    University of Ulster Alumni
    Tel: 028 9036 8278
    Dublin Institute of Technology Alumni
    Tel: +353 1 402 3435
    Trinity College Dublin Alumni
    Tel: : +353 1 608 1448
    University of Limerick Alumni
    Tel: +353 61 202475
    See also section on Personal network

  • Career mentor
    A career mentor is ideally someone who is familiar with your personal circumstances, career area and knows you well. Some professional institutions and organisations appoint mentors formally, but this could be an informal arrangement.
    See also section on Professional contacts and Personal network

  • Family and friends
    Friends of parents and acquaintances in your home town may all be able to help you with information, gaining work experience or further contacts.
    Add them to your Personal network

  • Graduate Careerline
    This is a UK telephone helpline open to graduates within three years of graduation - just phone 0870 770 2477 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 3-8pm to talk to higher education Careers Advisers. You will pay for the call, but the guidance is free of charge.  Note that calls could be expensive from the Republic of Ireland.

  • Mentors
    Make use of any mentors that have been appointed through courses, professional institutions or employers.
    See also section on Personal network

  • Personal network
    Keep note of all the people that you know who have a link to a specific profession or employer to start your own personal network. Ask them if they can refer you to other contacts to extend your knowledge. Note names and contact details in your personal organiser for easy referral and note the original contact to track your network.
    See also sections on Alumni, Family and friends, Mentors, Professional contacts and University / college tutors

  • Professional contacts
    Professional institutions often have graduate or junior members liaison officers, who will be willing to advise on professional issues and encourage attendance at regular meetings. You may need to be a member of the institution to attend meetings (an excellent way to maintain your subject knowledge, learn about current professional issues and meet professionals of your subject area directly), which could be particularly useful if you are thinking of making speculative applications for a job.
    See also section on Personal network

  • Prospects Graduate Interactive Web
    Use the following features of the site:
    Graduate CV Surgery: one-off chance to get a Careers Adviser's opinion on a formatted CV
    Graduate Forum: discuss your career thoughts with other graduates online in the Forum, get their opinions and ideas
    Graduate Questiontime: email your individual questions to Careers Advisers

  • University / college tutors
    Former tutors may offer advice about your ideas where they are related to your degree subject and particularly if you are considering postgraduate study - they may have useful contacts. They will normally act as referees for course and job applications, so make sure that they have a current CV, that they know what you are applying for and that you ask permission before giving their names.
    See also section on Personal network.

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