The following sections can assist you in planning your career.  You can work through them all if you like, or alternatively, use the sections of the Careers4graduates website which interest you and work through the career planning resources as and when they appear on the site.

  • Career options grid
    Record here all the information you gather about yourself.  The grid enables you to record your abilities, interests, personality, values and skills as well as any constraints which may affect your career choice.  You can also note down the possible careers which interest you and the pros and cons of each.  

  • Career action plan
    Use this to put together a plan of action to implement your career ideas.

  • People resources
    Find out the best way to make the most of people who can assist you in your career planning and development.

  • Skills
    Recognise the skills that employers look for and audit your own skills.

  • Evidence of skills
    Gather evidence/examples as proof that you have the skills you say you have.

  • Personnel specification
    Evaluate the requirements of a particular vacancy to put together an effective application.

  • Possible interview questions
    Practice questions that you are likely to face at interview.