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The first stage of career planning is looking at yourself - your personality, interests, values, learning style, skills etc.  Once you have identified what you want in a job, you can start to investigate possible options - making sure you take account of any constraints.   This grid will help you to record the information you know and find out about yourself.  Try some of the suggested questionaires and assessments to find out more about interests, skills and abilities which you didn't know you had!  This information will be very useful when you start to complete applications and CVs and when you attend interviews.  Employers like candidates who know what they have to offer and who can demonstrate their skills and abilities with examples.

Personal Appraisal

Personal Aspects Details Comments

Try the Keirsey Personality Assessment 

Career Interests

Try this interest questionnaire

Work  values and motivations

Try this motivation assessment

Learning Style

Check out your learning style with this questionnaire



You can develop skills through all aspects of your life - not just by undertaking courses.  Check out your skills using DoctorJob and this Transferable Skills Survey 

Evidence from activity Skills and experience gained Comments
Academic studies


Extra-curricular activities

Time Out experience


Personal life


Voluntary work

Work experience

Possible constraints Career implications? Comments
Disability / health issues

Mobility / location

Family / dependents

Poor exam grades


Criminal convictions


Now that you have gathered information about yourself, your personality, values, skills and constraints the next step is to start investigating possible career options.   Look at some of the resources suggested for more ideas.

Possible occupations Career Comments
Using degree

Options using your degree, Irish careers information

Where degree will be useful

See what previous graduates have done

Open to graduates of any degree discipline

What do graduates do? covers options with any subject


Now focus on the three most promising careers and list the pros and cons and implications of each one

  Career 1: Career 2: Career 3:
Implications (eg leaving area)      

For more links to relevant websites and for details of published materials see Information resources

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