How can I apply for jobs that are not advertised?

Make speculative applications

This means contacting companies directly to find out about opportunities - a bit like when you were a student and contacted local businesses and shops and approached family and friends to find Saturday/holiday jobs.  

When should I make a speculative application?

  • when applying to advertising, media, graphics, design and public relations posts which often rely on speculative approaches
  • if you have an unusual skill or qualification - foreign language, knowledge of other countries and cultures, technical qualification - it's worth approaching organisations that may find it useful
  • If you did a dissertation or research that might be of particular interest to certain organisations
  • If you want to work in a particular geographical area and few jobs are advertised

Note that in Northern Ireland speculative applications are not appropriate because equal opportunities legislation requires employers to promote their opportunities in such a way as to allow anyone interested to apply.   Some employers may hold your CV onfile and later inform you about future vacancies to be advertised.

General rules for speculative applications

How can I identify potential companies to send my application to?

See the section I don't know where to look for vacancies especially Hidden Jobs Market to find out how to identify companies to contact.