I didn't get the job

Find out why not!  You did well to get an interview and even better if you got to an assessment centre so try to get some feedback to find out where you went wrong.  Interviewers are not obliged to give feedback, but most are helpful and genuinely want to help you make progress with your career.

Don't forget to review your own thoughts about the interview. The questions that caused you problems may appear again - how would you handle them next time?

What went wrong?

The purpose of reviewing this is not to add to self-pity and disappointment, but to learn from this experience with a view to future success. Go back to How can I perform well at interviews? to prepare for the next time.

  • You were late -  more
  • You were unprepared for the interview  - more
  • You said unfavourable things about previous employers - more
  • You didn't communicate clearly and effectively - while you can't know all the questions they'll ask, think about how you would answer. Review the beginning of this section.  Be sure to review Possible interview questions  
  • You were aggressive or acted in a superior way -  more
  • You made excuses for failings - more
  • You were so nervous that you did not do yourself justice - more 
    Give thought to Possible interview questions  
  • There were questions that you could not answer or answered badly -  more
  • Other applicants had extra qualifications -  more.  Go to the section I want information about further training or postgraduate study.
  • You were perfect apart from a lack of experience - more
  • You came across as not interested in the job - more
    If you agree that you weren't really that interested, maybe you need to think again about your career options. I haven't decided what is the right career for me.
  • You were the reserve - you were nearly there - more