How can I perform well at interviews?

By being as well prepared as possible!   You need to be persuasive, positive and confident about your knowledge, ability and motivation to do the job.

If you are working and looking to change jobs, also check out the section How can you maximise your employment experience in an interview?

For information on second interviews, go to What are assessment centres?

Preparing for the interview is essential!

Preparing for an interview - More
Know the job - more
Know yourself - more
Know the organisation - more
Know the career field/industry - more
Review possible interview questions - more

On the day of the interview

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These people want to give you a job - more
What sorts of questions am I likely to face? - more
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After the interview

After the interview, and before you talk to anyone about it, find a quiet place to sit down and write some notes.

Review what happened at the interview - more
Send a thank you note - if you see fit - but keep it brief 
If the interview didn't seem to go well - more
If you thought the interview went really well, but you didn't get an offer - more

Telephone interviews

There is a growing trend for employers to use telephone interviews for pre-selection purposes and also for positions which require telephone contact with customers. Remember that it is not only what you say but also how you say it that creates a favourable impression. You should prepare for a telephone interview as carefully as for a personal interview.

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