Will retraining or postgraduate study be necessary?

You may need to do further training or study before you can enter the career area which interests you.  Alternatively it may be possible to undertake this training once you are in employment.

If postgraduate study is required before you can enter the profession, check out the costs of study before committing yourself - see How will you fund your studies? If you undertake a course of study and then decide that the profession is not for you, will that course of study still be of value? Be wary of investing a large sum of money such as a redundancy payment or legacy into study.

If retraining within a job is required, the training will normally be funded, but may require going back to basics and possibly repeating subjects that you have previously studied.

Bear in mind that closing dates apply to postgraduate courses and these vary from course to course.  Apply well in advance. 

For more information see the section I want information about further training or postgraduate study