How can I get information about careers and the job market?

If it is only a few years since you graduated or you are contemplating a career move that will take you back to the level of a new graduate entrant, then the information on Gather information about careers and the job market will still be applicable. 

If it's longer since you graduated, use the above information as a starting point and also contact professional bodies for information about career prospects within the profession.  Look at professional journals and magazines, (linked through the magazineboy website) to find out about developments in the field and to keep up with professional issues.

Try to get first hand information about the profession you are considering - eg by talking to others in the profession, for example:

Eileen wanted to move from office administration into midwifery. She spent time talking to practising midwives, visiting hospitals, reading current literature, did Biology in the Leaving Certificate and did a 4 day taster course, which was designed to give an idea of the three year degree course. She evaluated her financial commitment, which meant selling her flat and applied for an evening job as receptionist in a hospital maternity unit. The thorough information she had gained convinced her that this was the career for her.

Make use of your People resources and in particular your career mentor for information on careers and how they might suit you.