Develop your own career action plan 

Before you can formulate a plan you need to look back at the information you have gathered about 

  • yourself: your skills, knowledge, constraints, interests and values

  • your chosen occupation(s): entry requirements, skills required, is more training needed?

Now you need to put together the information you have gathered about the yourself and the career area. Can you meet the requirements of the job?  Will the career you're considering meet your needs?  Look at the pros and cons and significant implications. Go back to Look at your career needs and ensure that all your requirements can be met.  Incorporate this information in your  Career options grid 

Try to formulate a plan that includes at least one contingency career area.  Discuss your plans with your career mentor, family members, Careers Advisers and other People resources who will give you an objective view of the realism and practicality of your ideas.  Check out any doubts that your advisers may raise and satisfy yourself  before proceeding with a career change.

If you have satisfied yourself that the career you are considering will be a good match with your interests, abilities, skills, knowledge, values and constraints, you can start to make a careers action plan detailing the actions you need to take in order to enter that career.

Go to Information resources for links to useful sources in aiding your decision-making.

Good luck in implementing your career plans!