What skills have you developed from your job?

In order to stay employable, you have to be able to describe your talents and experience to a potential employer in generic terms, yet specific enough to apply to the job. Those terms are skills.

To become good at "skills speak" you have to be able to identify the skills you have and provide examples to demonstrate your competency. You have to be able to understand from a job description what skills an employer wants and then show how your skills correspond with the employer's needs.

Employers consistently look for certain types of skills in their applicants.  Find out here  What skills employers want.  How many of these skills have you already developed?  Write down examples to demonstrate your skills.  

What experience have you gained from your job?

What specific knowledge and experience have you gained from your current job?

How does your specific knowledge relate to the jobs that you're targeting?  Is the same knowledge required or a variation or more complex version?  Your CV may be read first by a personnel specialist who may not fully appreciate the relevance of your experience.  Try to describe your experience in terms that can be easily understood by everyone who will handle your application.  

Changes in the world of work

Remember that the world of work is changing.  To remain 'employable' you will have to continue learning and develop new skills throughout your entire working life.