Making a decision: should I stay or go?

Before you make a decision to leave your current job, take time to analyse your situation. Perhaps talk things through with someone and write your thoughts down so that you can remind yourself of your reasoning!

Identifying your reasons

Be clear about the exact decision that you are trying to make - what are the implications?
Not important
Very important

Evaluating your reasons

People make decisions in different ways.  Some people make decisions quickly because they like things decided, but they don't always take the time to look at all the options and can miss out on something great.  Other people hate making decisions they think a decision closes the door on other possibilities.  Make your decision and think it over for a few days.  If the decision feels right, go with it.  If not perhaps you need to look at your options again.

Making the decision

Look at your reasons for wanting to leave and develop a Career Action Plan.  If you want to leave your job because you can't learn anything more, list out what you did learn in the job and what you want to learn next.  This will help you decide what jobs to apply for.  

Before making a decision, discuss your concerns with someone who can be objective, and who knows enough about your situation and the job market to tell you what they think.  This person (sometimes called a "Career Mentor") could be a family member, a friend, a work colleague, former employer, a careers adviser or a former professor.  

If you're still not sure what you want to do, perhaps you need more information. Try to identify what is stopping you from making a decision and work from there.

If you feel you really need to go back to square one and start again, work your way through the whole of the section I haven't decided what is the right career for me