Looking for vacancies when you have experience in your field

At first glance, it may seem there are too many places to find job advertisements: newspapers, internet, university Careers Services, professional associations, recruiting agencies and so on. There are many sources for vacancy lists. If you haven't yet worked in your career field, or you graduated only a year or so ago, you might want to start with your own university Careers Service.  They may also have information on employers who are looking for people with a little more experience. Check out I don't know where to look for Vacancies for details about vacancy lists, employer directories, newspapers and professional journals.

If you've been working in your field for a while, your job search will differ from when you first left university.  Sources of vacancy information will include your professional association, your own professional network and specialised recruitment agencies or search firms.  If you didn't use the internet in your job search before, you should check it out this time for information about your field, vacancies, the job market and new approaches to CVs and interviews

  • Recruitment agencies - for general information see What do recruitment agencies do?

  • Executive search firms  are generally used by an employer to find and screen candidates for higher level positions. Such firms are also known as "headhunters."  If you only graduated recently, executive search firms may not be looking for you just yet (unless you're in a field where demand is high and supply is low).  Find out the Top ten tips for success in using an executive search firm

  • Internet - there's loads of information about careers and jobs on the web - see Using the internet in your job search

  • Recruitment web sites advertise vacancies and enable you to apply for jobs online.  Use this checklist to assess job-related web-sites