How can you maximise your employment experience in an interview?

Go to How can I perform well at interviews? for the basics about interviews, then use this section to find out about the extras relating to handling your employment experience.

Remember, the best person for the job doesn't always get the job, but the person who interviews best  usually does.

As your career evolves, the questions asked at interviews will change significantly. The interviewer will probably spend more time asking about your current position, your interest in the job and how the job fits in your career plans.  Questions will focus on the skills you have and examples of those skills from previous work. If you are changing careers, the interviewer will want to make sure that the skills you gained in your previous career are transferable to the current job. See Possible interview questions for ideas.

What is the agenda for the interview?

Handling the interview

  • Preparation - anticipate possible interview questions and practise answering them.
  • Possible interview questions - about you, your skills, work experience and interests and about the employer, the organisation, the job and your future
  • The art of the interview - there are many books and web sites dedicated to interviewing. Some of them contradict each other, so make your own interpretation. But if you haven't been interviewed for a while or you feel that your interview skills are poor, visit your local library and / or some of the web sites listed in the Information Resources.
  • Different kinds of interviews - including: screening interview, first interview, panel interview, technical interview, interview with a Senior Executive, video conference.